4 sectors to safely invest in during this changing times


Knowing the right sector to invest is one thing you should know how to do well.

The year 2020 has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, many have lost their lives due to the novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).

Others have lost their loved ones, some have had to endure the pain of losing their jobs.

The lack and loss of jobs is a result of companies and firms trying to reduce cost(expenses) due to low or no revenue generation during the lockdown.

This was done by laying off workers.
Just as the Covid-19 crisis continues to have it’s effect on the economies of the world, its outbreak has triggered unprecedented change in the way businesses and entrepreneurs think and operate.

Despite the obvious fact that the pandemic has brought tears and frustration to a lot of people, it brought opportunities to others.
One of those people is Amazon’s founder and the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos.

He has made a whooping $40 billion in terms of profit amongst others.
Desperate times requires desperate measures and so I will be sharing with you business sectors of the economies you can invest safely without the pandemic affecting your income.

Forex in full “Foreign exchange” like the name implies is simply the buying and selling of various international currencies for the sole essence of making Money.

This is why you should invest your money in the foreign exchange market.
Forex is the world’s largest financial market with an estimated $5 trillion exchange occurring on a daily basis, which means there’s enough money to go round. invest

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Also, in forex you have a wide range of foreign currencies to trade against one another, including; GBP/USD; EUR/USD and USD/JPY although, you are not limited to just these currencies.

Most importantly, foreign exchange trading is not subject to the opening hours of any centralised exchange system (I.e, you can trade for 24 hours daily) As long as there’s an open and running market somewhere in the world, deals can take place and you’d make your profit.

The benefits attached to real estate investments are too numerous to mention. Real estate is a sector of the economy that cuts across all spheres and everyone is a part of this sector.

Real estate investments guarantees financial freedom in the long run, as it is one of the most stable influx of income.

Real estate grants you absolute autonomy, that is to say, you are your own boss, you get to call the shots, you get to decide how much you want to charge for the rent on your property, and also you get to decide which tenant you want to have on your property.

Real estate gives you that sovereignty. Also real estate is one among the very few investment that appreciates over time, if you buy a land or house for instance, and you want to resell that land or house in 5 years time you are probably selling for twice or more the initial price you bought it.

The food industry is one of the most dynamic sectors, this is simply because it is closely linked to household expenditures.

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It adds very great value to every country’s economy. Without food, individuals and the nation at large will starve.

The enticing thing that should attract potential investors is the fact that it is a dependable income generator for the people involved. We all have to eat with no exception and the world’s population keeps increasing rapidly.

The telecommunications industry is one that is experiencing massive growth on a daily basis, as more people are making use of this services.

This sector comprises of companies that make communication possible and available on a global scale, whether through mobile phones or computer systems, through airwaves or cables and through wires or wirelessly.

These companies have created the infrastructures that allows data in words, voice, audio or video to be sent instantly anywhere in the world.

With the current high pace of technological advancement, it would be a huge gain to invest in this sector.

Owing to the fact that telecommunications is here to stay and we cannot do without it.

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Originally posted on 18/01/2021 @ 7:33 PM


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