4 Reasons why you should not call your ex

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Relationship is a beautiful thing, and it’s a place where every reasonable person will like to be. It’s a place where two beautiful souls meet and fall in love with the intention to commit to each other for life.

However, not all of these relationships end up rosy, some end up in break up, divorce and separated.

Now, having to break up with someone, especially in a long time relationship, could have a devastating effect on somebody trust me when I tell you that. This could lead to something worse, like depression, because the memory of that person is continuously haunting you.

To help with the healing process, here are the reasons why calling your ex is a bad idea:

1. It brings back old memories: it’s almost impossible not to want to get back with your ex, especially when the break up is fresh—the nostalgic feelings, the beautiful memories that keep flashing through your mind. The old memories will cause an urge for reconciliation, especially when you are lonely, and it will only make you miserable.

The best thing to do at this point is to find something that will distract you like hanging out with a couple of close friends in other not to feel lonely. This will help you heal and get over your ex.

2. You are vulnerable: your vulnerability depends on the time frame of the breakups. When you just go out from a relationship, calling your ex will be a bad idea because, at that time, you are still going through the healing process, and your ex may want to take advantage of you when you call him/her. So I will advise you back off from that phone.

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3. It makes you look desperate: Calling your ex, especially when you just got out of a relationship, will make you look desperate. And no man/lady will want to be with a desperate lady/man. Not calling him/her will help preserve your self-esteem.

Self-esteem is important because it will want to make you look confident, having this feeling that you are unique and things will move on fine for you.

4. Trying to live again: it’s challenging to feel alive after a harsh breakup. It feels like you have come to the end of the road in your life.

Calling him/her or having a close contact will make you not willing to move on, and that could be bad for you because it will affect everything in your life.

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Originally posted on 06/01/2021 @ 11:25 PM



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