4 reasons why smart people don’t succeed


Most humans especially smart people tend to think that once we work very hard, we would definitely be successful. When we meet people who are very hardworking and intelligent, we think that their success is certain and sure.

In this article, you will learn that being just intelligent and hardworking does not guaranty success, you will have to do other necessary things before you can succeed.
Being Smart, hardworking, intelligent are not just the only criteria that one will succeed.

There are other things one must in addition to being smart to be able to achieve maximum success. I will tell you why smart and hardworking people do not all succeed.

4 Reasons Why Most Smart And Hardworking People Do Not readily Succeed.smart

1) Being Reluctant To Change.
Change gives room for new advancements and progress, which is why we shouldn’t conform to one particular system and environment for a long time, because it makes it hard to adapt to something new.

We shouldn’t constrain ourselves from changes, but instead we should make the best out of it. Always be curious and inquisitive about new things around you.

2) Not Ready To Take Risks.
Some persons find it really difficult to take risks, they only want to take safe course by going along with friends which isn’t really safe.

Before taking any move in life, think about the long distance consequences. 10 years from now how will this affect my life? Weigh the consequence if it is worth it or not before eventually making the decision.

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3) Indecisiveness.
Availability of too many options can also retard one’s Success. When you have so many options to choose from, you can sometimes find it difficult to make a decision.

This could lead to you jumping into any decision that you feel suits the situation, only to later find out that you made the wrong decision.

4) self-doubt.
Most people do not succeed because of primarily because of FEAR and self-doubt. They feel they are not good enough to get what they want, which is why they don’t become successful.

Others feel they are perfect already and don’t need improvement because they are intelligent and smart. They tend to finalize the end product of a project from the beginning.

These are the few reasons I have analysed that stops smart and intelligent people from succeeding.

Avoid this and make room for improvements and you will succeed greatly!

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Originally posted on 17/01/2021 @ 7:50 PM


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