4 most important things women find irresistible in men

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The connection between a man and a woman is dated back to the very time of man’s creation.

It is natural and part of our engineering. No wonder, even a little boy’s ‘pipi’ salutes whenever he comes very close to a girl.

Aside from natural biology, there are myriad things that draw women to men and vise versa. For the sake of this article, we’ll only be looking at the main things women find irresistible in men.

1. Purpose

The purpose is knowing why you were gifted life and working hard to achieve that. Purpose brings about focus and drive, and focus and drive are good qualities of a leader.

A man with purpose is a leader. He takes control. Every woman needs a man that can captain her ship; a man she can depend on and lean on. Therefore, a man with purpose and drive is the real deal.

A man without a purpose is blind. And nobody wants to board a ship of a blind captain.

2. Sense of humor

As women like serious-minded men, so they do funny ones. If not even more. They find too rigid and formal men boring.

Women can’t resist serious-minded men with a good sense of humor; men that know when, where, and how to crake jokes. They love focused and driven men who literally put a smile on their face.

3. Honesty and trustworthiness

Everybody likes honest and trustworthy people and women are not ‘back tires’. Not being honest means you are hiding something.

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And only bad people hide things. Women are very possessive and gummy. They want to know and be part of everything about you. They would appreciate it if you were open to them.

How can one claim to love and yet not be honest? Love and honesty walk hand in hand.

Women like honest men because they feel you love them enough to share your secrets with them. They also love men that are real and honest to themselves.

Not men that form what they are not. With honesty comes trustworthiness.

4. Care and attention

Everybody wants to be pampered. As odd as it may sound, even men want to be pampered, let alone women who are more delicate. Women can’t resist men that are caring.

They also love men that listen and pay attention to them. Listening attentively to a woman shows you love, care, and want to understand her.

Nothing excites a lady more than having a man that loves, cares, and is ever willing to listen to and understand her.

Women differ and so are the things they find irresistible in men. What some find irresistible in men, others don’t. But the aforementioned things women find irresistible in men are applicable to all women.

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Originally posted on 09/01/2021 @ 7:37 PM


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