3 Ways you are squandering money on smartphones without realizing


Smartphones have become so addictive that we cannot do without them. You wake up every morning, there’s a 98% chance of you carrying your smartphone before even brushing your teeth or do some regular morning chores.

We do all this either to check who sent us a message while we were asleep or continue scrolling our social media feeds from where we stopped. Smartphones have become part of our lives.

These amazing devices perform many functions that make our daily lives run smoothly.

Nowadays, people hardly get bored because of these gadgets, they entertain, enlighten, and make our lives a little bit easier.

Literally, the 4.5 billion smartphone users consider these little machines to be very important. But it’s sad that we spend a huge amount of money on smartphones without even knowing.

Frankly, if you check the amount of money you spend on these smartphones, you’d see that there’s a lot of better things you could do with the money rather than spending it on these small machines.

Below are ways you might be squandering your hard-earned money on smartphones.

1. Spending money due to uncontrolled data usage

I know a lot of people will have problems with this point because probably they can’t do without the Internet or have something doing online. Well, that’s true but have you sit down to check the amount of money you spend on data monthly? There’s this popular Nigerian joke about the usage of data that says Nigerian is the only country where you subscribe for a monthly plan twice or thrice in a month.

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Don’t spend too much to buy data.

If you noticed that you’re the type that subscribes a monthly plan twice or three times in a month, and your precious time spent online isn’t to earn money or some other essential benefits then you’ve got to change.

2. Always swapping your old phone for the latest smartphones

If you’re this type that likes to upgrade to the latest iPhone, Android devices then you need to watch your spending on phones, because you’re spending the money you don’t necessarily need to spend. Except in a situation whereby your phone is faulty and needs repair, then you can use your money to fix it or buy another.

Seriously you don’t have to change your phone because of some new updates or features. If you can see clearly, these companies are milking the masses of their money, because they do release new phones today and then introduce another tomorrow with little or no difference.

3. Using your smartphone without a protective case

Most people still make this mistake of not buying a protective case or screen guards for their phones.

An incident occurred recently where a Samsung galaxy s6 fell on the floor, the owner of this phone had to spend 30k on replacing the broken screen with a new one, apart from other repairs.

I know there are lots of smartphones with good-looking sleek bodies of which you’ll want to flaunt but the truth is; except you are extraordinarily careful, as you are using your phone without a protective case, be saving up money for repairs. However, using a protective case will help prevent spending money on repairs thereby saving money.

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Originally posted on 10/01/2021 @ 3:17 PM


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