3 silly reasons why ladies prefer taller guys


It is no longer a secret that ladies prefer dating tall guys to short or average height guys.

According to statistics, eight out of every ten ladies you meet want their dream man to be tall.

Although, there is still a little percentage of ladies who do not care about the height of guys they date.

As a short guy you can choose to date a lady you are taller than or have the same height with if you feel intimated by tall ladies.

Without much delay let’s get to know the reasons why ladies opt to dating tall guys.

Short guys deprive them of high heels.

We all know how ladies love to wear their heels, especially to events and outings. When they are dating a short guy, wearing of heels becomes awkward to them because it make them to appear taller than the guy.

Sometimes a lady may decide not to wear heels because she doesn’t want to make her guy feel bad and insecure about his height.

In some cases the guy may tell his lady not to wear heels when they are going out together.
High heels makes ladies look classy and good.

Dating a short guy may sometimes mean sacrificing the advantages attached to wearing of heels which is what a lot of ladies are not willing to do. Rather, they opt to a tall guy.

To avoid giving birth to short children.

Even though this particular reason has not been scientifically proven, many ladies still believe that dating a short guy and eventually getting married him means they will give birth to short children. And so they wouldn’t want to take changes.

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However, this is not truly the case in reality because even a dwarf has the probability of giving birth to a tall child.


Most guys go for shorter ladies.
In a society where it is the man that walks up to a lady and tries to woo her to get her to fall in love with him. Most men prefer to go for the short ladies or ladies that are not taller than them.

A tall lady standing next to a short guy looks awkward and guys try their best to avoid this awkwardness.3 silly reasons why ladies prefer taller guys 1

Simple and fun things like putting hands around her shoulder, kissing her while standing and even helping her take things from the top shelf becomes very embarrassing and takes away the fun in it.tall

Some ladies just love a tall guy.
when you ask a lot of ladies why they prefer a tall guy, most will give you one reason or the other, while others may simply just say “I just want my man to be taller than me”.

For some reasons best known to them, being in a relationship with a taller guy makes them feel more feminine.

This most times have nothing to do with the short guys because some ladies cannot logically explain why they prefer taller guys.

It may be some biological trait, most tall guys look strong, could be more protective and attractive in the eyes of ladies.

Whatever the reason may be some ladies just want a taller partner. So, if you are a short guy, don’t beat yourself up. It’s totally not your fault.

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Originally posted on 13/01/2021 @ 1:40 PM


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