3 important reasons why you don’t have to be nice to women

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So I know you’d be thinking, “but girls like guys that are nice to them,” “they love guys that do nice things to them all the time” and all that, yeah I know, it’s good to be a nice person, it’s okay, but you see to women it’s a different ball game, trust me it’s different.

There’s this saying that the nice guy’s finish last, I’m saying to you that nice guys aren’t even in the game, yes they are not.

In a typical setting in the society its believed that the nice guys marry the best of the best in women and they enjoy their relationship and all that, you see the nice guys, they end up as shrimps, they end up with damaged women, women that are out of luck to get settled with a man, you see these guys end up with women who will generally don’t give a f**k about them in their 20’s.

So do you want to be that guy?

Here are the three reasons why you don’t have to be kind to girls (women)

1. Her Spot On The Totem Pole

Women are God’s beautiful creation that wants to be a part of your empire, that empire you’re building, they really don’t want you to put too much focus on them, they love men with emphasis, when a guy is too nice to them they get disgusted at some point, to some of them the great affection they get later becomes so unreal because the reality they face in the outside world gives them this doubt of you being nice to them. Too much of something is bad.

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2. Nice Guys In The Bedroom

So this is one reason why most women get turned off. You know, like a nice guy when a woman comes on a visit to your house, and you as a nice guy just keep talking and keep talking, worst of it all your are not even touching her or having eye contact with her, she gets bored and leaves your ass.

Women love bad guys that will come to them as a man and do man stuff.

No woman wants a man that she has to decide for him to do some things. Women love men that do men stuff.

Some nice guys will have this sweet lovemaking to their women, candles, roses, and all that, it’s right yeah, it’s okay, but a woman wants a man that’s a badass when it comes to sex like she wants you to be an animal, yeah an animal. She wants you to take control of her soul, her body, she wants you to be aggressive sometimes, and sadly this is what nice guys don’t do or don’t even know how to wrap their head off of it.

3. You’re not man enough

You see, these women love a guy that can protect them, a man that will show he’s a man whenever he’s around her. They don’t want a guy that’s, not “G” enough.

Women want a man that can stand for himself, they want a man that can handle man shit, for example, there was a day I had to get my TV fixed from a repair shop, I got there and got my TV, it was already fixed, Paid the fixing cost and got home.

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I got the TV set up only for me to see that the TV was still having the same problem, I quickly took the TV back to the repair shop and told this repair guy that the TV was still having the same problem, and this guy said to me that there’s was nothing he could do to my TV that I should just go.

I was there with my girl, and she was looking at me to see what I was going to do, the crazy part was that this same repair guy told me to leave (so he dupe me), long story short, I had to go right to his face and tell him some man stuff and held him on his throat, so he knows that I’m not that type of guy you dupe and go.

Got my money back, and you won’t believe what my girl told me, “she said she loves the way I faced the issue.” So you see women want a guy that do man stuff and act like a man in every situation.

In conclusion, I will say, don’t try to be too sweet to a girl or a woman, because she’s going to take you for granted, believe me, she will. Always face the situation, and don’t always be a nice guy in the bedroom.

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Originally posted on 08/01/2021 @ 12:41 PM



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