3 Costly mistakes girls make when trying to attract a guy

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It’s a natural knowledge that guys are attracted to girls likewise girls to guys. However, this publication is centered on some of the things girls do to get a guy attracted.

Yes, girls do play the game of seduction not only in the bedroom but in the field too where they put up acts and put on outfits to bait a guy.

However, in a bid to attract guys, girls tend to get it all wrong, thereby pushing them away instead.

So you should read up the following to become aware of the mistakes girls make in a bid to attract guys:

Putting up a false impression (fake life)

A popular saying goes ‘fake it till you make it’. Frankly, fakeness doesn’t really help, it only keeps you stressed and/or perpetually broke as you try to keep it up. Guys get disgusted and discouraged by false impressions (pretense) especially when they fell in love with the fake you only to get a rude shock afterward.

Be yourself, allow him to see your true self, so your connection will be genuine. False impressions will only cause you trouble.

Wearing exaggerated makeup

Makeup is good, it makes you look groomed and attractive but when it becomes exaggerated you end up looking unreal and funny. Matter of fact, it spells out insecurity right on your forehead. Believe me, exaggerated makeup is a turn-off for guys.

Wear makeup with moderation, so he can see you for who you really are. Also, it will send the message that you are truly a confident woman who is comfortable in her skin.

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Dressing provocatively to attract

Dressing a bit sensually and elegantly is good enough, but if your dressing is overly sensual, it leaves nothing to the imagination and gives you the looks of a cheap whore. Moreover, other guys will ogle you which could make him begin to really see you like a cheap whore.

Dress up like a woman with elegance and a touch of sensuality, you’ll bait him like placing a bone before a dog. He will come running at your feet throwing endearments and lingering.

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Originally posted on 11/01/2021 @ 5:48 AM



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