16 simple ways to become smarter


It’s great to be smart, but it does not happen overnight. If you want to get smarter, you have to engage in habits that will groom your intelligence and nourish your mind.

Some people are born smart, others worked to be smart. Either ways, there are things they do daily to maintain their smartness. Whether they do it in leadership, business, arts, science and technology, or a different field, they push and and extend their limits daily.

These 16 habits will help you become the smartest version of you:

1. Question everything.
It will be costly to assume things before you truly understand them or subscribe without thinking to the conventional wisdom. Be open-minded. The illusion of knowledge is the greatest enemy to knowledge– becoming curious and inquisitive is the only way to overcome it.

2. Read as much as you can.
Few years ago, I started a habit of reading atleast a book a week, and the wealth of knowledge I accumulate every week is invaluable. Make serious reading a habit, not celebrity gossip or social media posts. Read even if it’s just one chapter a day. Stick to your reading plan and you would be shock on how much your intellect will be enriched.

3. Discover your motivation.
Find a topic that interests you and dive in. It’s easier to be dedicated and committed on a topic you find stimulating. Find a format that’s convenient to your mind, too, whether it’s an audio book or a hard copy book. Feed your mind with things it will enjoy.

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4. Explore new ways of doing things.
To be innovative means being creativity and not letting the fear of failing hold you back. Even in everyday activities, be inventive and experimental. When you take risks and make mistakes it stretches your limit. Doing things we are used too makes us lazy. Have a daily reminder that by using our imagination and creativity we can change the world.

5. Hang out with people who are smarter than you.
When you sit with smart people, the conversation is different and interesting. They know how to expand your mind, feed your brain and broaden your horizon. Spending time with them does you more good on multiple levels. Mingle with them as much as possible.

6. Remember that every expert was once an amateur.
Every opportunity to learn something new, makes you smarter. Make a conscious effort to continuously and consistently keep learning new skills. Life never stops teaching if you’re willing to keep learn.

7. Make time to reflect.
We are all distracted, it’s easier to jump from one thing to another without stopping to consider what it means. Make time to stop and reflect –reflection is an crucial part of the learning processes.

8. Exercise your body.
Exercise your body just as you exercise your mind. Eat the right food, get enough sleep and do the right exercise daily.

9. Push yourself to become more productive.
Busyness and productivity are two different things. What you do today determines how your future will be. Smart people don’t procrastinate, they make the most of today.

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10. Come up with new ideas daily.
Jot down your ideas as they come to you in a journal. Push your limits, be creative and think in new ways and not conform to old ideology. Review and edit your ideas weekly as you go.

11. Face your fears.
Facing your fears makes you smarter, braver and better to be able to withstand what life throws at you. Sometimes there are great rewards in doing the things that scares you the most.

12. Replace TV with online learning.
Devote your spare time to something more productive than watching TV and social media. The internet is filled with wonderful learning tools. It may appear like a small habit but it’s with a big win if you can nourish your brain and advance your life at the same time.

13. Be selective of what you absorb.
Whatever you part in either uplifts your mind or is detrimental to your mind. It’s Paramount to silence inside and outside negativity–once you do, you start to play a role in shaping your mindsets and beliefs, which in turn guide and direct your actions.

14. Read something you normally wouldn’t.
Every day, surf the internet and other media for topics and interests that doesn’t normally cross your usual path. When you do so, you absorb knowledge and wisdom you would never have accessed otherwise.

15. Share what you know.
It’s important to learn something new, but sharing the knowledge you learnt makes what you’ve learned actionable and more meaningful.

16. Apply your new knowledge.
There’s no point in learning a new thing if it doesn’t make you smarter or inspire you to be better. Smart people apply what they know not because they want to become a person of success but rather to because they want to be a person of value.

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Build smart habits today and watch your thinking transform.

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Originally posted on 23/12/2020 @ 6:34 PM


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