10 common errors used in English and there corrections

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English language is commonly said by Nigerians not to be our mother’s language, and errors while speaking it is inevitable. These these errors can be minimised.

Most of the errors is as a result of the ignorance of the use of rules guiding spoken English. An adage says, Ignorance is a disease, so being ignorant of the rules guiding Spoken English is wrong and needs to be worked on.

“Nobody is above making errors but only a fool preservers in error” Cicero.

Here are few commonly used errors and there corrections.

 I cannot be able (Incorrect)                             I cannot do it (correct)

I can be able (Incorrect).                                 I can  do it (Correct).

The young Man was on a dark suit -(Incorrect)                                                         The young man was in a dark suit -(Correct)

The child grew up in an orphanage home (Incorrect).                                                    The child grew up in an orphanage (Correct).

Should in case it rains (Incorrect).             Should it rain or In case it rains (Correct).

If not for you I wouldn’t have known Lagos (Incorrect).                                                    But for you I wouldn’t have known Lagos (Correct).

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I was there of recent (Incorrect).                    I was there recently (Correct).

Help me Tie my Tie (Incorrect).                Help me Knot my Tie ( Correct).

My Junior or Senior brother (Incorrect).   My Younger or Elder brother (Correct).

He disvirgined her (Incorrect).                        He deflowered her (Correct).





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Originally posted on 20/09/2020 @ 10:04 AM



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